About trusonus
About trusonus

Exquisiteness and steadiness
Quality and taste

About Trusonus

Founded in 2013, California, USA

"Trusonus" means " transmission of real sound".

"True" means "Real" in English, and "Sonus" means "sound" in Latin.

Trusonus‘ design philosophy are exquisiteness, steadiness, quality and taste, pursuing to deliver the purest and true sound.

Trusonus TWS Bluetooth earbuds series are not only earphones, but also an attempt to make music and language borderless through this series.  


Brand story

With a heart that will never compromise on sound quality, through years of sound field experimentation and construction, we pursue the perfect presentation of every music note and the throbbing of music fusion. Trusonus headquarter was founded to strictly control the design, R&D and production, utilizing acoustic technologies, exquisite workmanship, top-level materials and testing procedures to create you stunning auditory enjoyment and emotionally touching accompany with your every life moment.

Trusonus sticks to strict sound quality, and this could withstand the tests of the professional tuners, musicians, and music producers throughout the world.  It is worthy of your savor.

Brand spirit

” Every trice will be a heart-touching eternity moment.”  has always been the most important core brand concept of   Trusonus team when developing the products.   Starting from 2013 when the earphone technology of dual coaxial dynamic drivers got exclusively patented, Trusonus has been upholding the design philosophy of exquisiteness, steadiness quality and taste to create the purest and true sound till 2019 when we launched the TWS multi-language translation earbuds series under the concept of borderless languages and of the design for wearing comfort and good sound quality.   We have been thinking about how to progress toward the next products that cope the more with the users’ needs and acoustic development trends.

Following the launch of TE-01, TWS Multi-Language Translation Earbuds, as planned, our team has developed
the subsequent models, such as the non-contact earbuds of the functions of hybrid & stick modes of translations and note recording, portable Bluetooth Translation Speaker that is 3.5 input connectable, and the Conference Translation System launching in 2022.  

However, along with the rapid market demand changes   and the vigorous advancement of Bluetooth headset technologies, we finally decided to conquer the challenges face-to-face by enhancing the TWS translation earbuds with diversification,  low-latency and surround sound effects at the core of our brand – Build up a bridge between people to a world of no language boundaries !

Trusonus has allied with the Bluetooth chip providers to co-develop the TWS translation technologies of low latency and multi-languages supporting.   Through the close evaluation and cooperation between the engineering teams of both parties and after confirming the feasibility of  TWS low latency, in 2021 we started to develop Traduki TWS translation series.