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Trusonus Life Experience

Traduki TE-02 No longer worry about language barriers between elders and foreign domestic helpers

No more worry about language barriers between the elders and foreign maids

In order to take care of our disable mother who is in her 80s, we have found Eva, an Indonesian caregiver. Since we like to have a novice foreign caregiver who has not be trained by other employers, Eva is the perfect candidate, which we can provide her the first-hand training.
Eva is unable to speak Mandarin, and actually, her English ability may not be good enough to communicate. Fortunately, a friend introduce us the TE-02 translation speaker, which make the communication between Eva and us much easier, and mother is able to communicate with the caregiver by herself.

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Traduki TE-02 A large number of people is not a problem. Amplified translation makes communication no longer delayed

A large number of people is not a problem. Amplified translation makes communication no longer delayed

When I am an exchange student in Spain, I am not totally fit in the local language and culture. In order to communicate fluently with my classmates, as well as discuss the assignment without language restriction, I bring the TE-02 Bluetooth speaker with me. Today I make an appointment with my classmates to prepare the report next week in the classroom, facing other classmates, I feel nervous, so I put the TE-02 on the table. It is able to translate 101 languages, so I press the hotkey of frequently use language, and find the option of Spanish, and it is convenient for the person like me who use it frequently to safe the time finding the right option. Moreover, there is Bluetooth earphones with the TE-02. When I want to communicate with my classmates, I only need to take it off to function automatically, without figuring out how to use it, I can use it easily. That is one of the reasons why I choose to use the TE-02.

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Traduki TE-01 One pair of headphones, two souls

A pair of earphones and two souls, dedicated to life adventurers who desire to narrow the distance through languages

As one of the staff in the Public Relations Department, I always receive customers from various/different countries. Although I can speak English and Japanese, but in a informal meeting, sometimes it will be easier to get closer to the customers if I can speak his/her mother language. Therefore, I chose to use the TE-01 Bluetooth earphones, which is able to translate 32 languages, as a tool of communication.

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Traduki TE-01 I only speak Chinese, I challenged Italy the first time I went abroad

Speaking only Chinese, I took Italy as the first challenge of going abroad

It was evening while walking on the streets of Milan. Since it was my first time traveling abroad, I felt nervous. Walking on the street toward the hotel, I got a call from my mother, so I took out the Trusonus TE-01 Bluetooth earphones from my backpack, slightly wearing it on my ears. Fortunately, it has the function of noise -reduction, so I could ignore the noise around the market, easily talk with my mother and let her knew that I was safe.

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