Speaking only Chinese, I took Italy as the first challenge of going abroad

Automatically monitor the ambient sound to guard your hearing

It was already dusk when I stepped on the streets of Milan.  I was somewhat nervous for it was my first time going abroad.   Walking on the street toward the hotel, I didn’t quite understand what the people around were talking about.   The moment I arrived the hotel entrance, I got the phone call from my mother.  Then I quickly took the Trusonus TE-01 Bluetooth earbuds out of my backpack and inserted them gently into my ears.   Thanks to its ambient sound monitoring function that reduced the environmental noises, regardless the noises from the nearby crowded market, 

I could talk to Mom very easily to let her know that I was doing safely. Noise processing allows me to ignore the noise of the nearby market, talk to my mother easily, and report my safety to her.

Simultaneous translation into voices and texts, convenient for asking directions, ordering meals, and seeing a doctor

The hotel host was a middle-aged man with shaved beard, and he asked me a few questions with a smile. I took off The hotel owner is a middle-aged man with a beard.  He asked me some questions with a smile.   I took off one of the earphones, demonstrated him the way to use it as a microphone, and then handed it to him.  We then could easily communicate with each one holding an earbud in his hand, plus the translated text simultaneously displayed on the mobile phone screen.

After the instant translation by using Google Cloud Database on the TE-01, I successfully checked-in, and asked for Through the simultaneous translation via TE-01’s Google cloud database, I checked in smoothly and asked more about private attractions. The boss recommended an Italian ice shop, saying that because the shop owner doesn’t speak English, there were always few tourists.  However, the locals love that store very much.   He also recommended me the traditional leather clothing market, too.  

TUse single earbud unilaterally, no need to talk face-to-face

There was a free musical entertainment at the hotel atrium that night, and I joined the fun.   Wearing an earbud in one ear,
 I chatted with the neighbors.   Thanks to NMT technology, we communicated firstly via the translated texts on the mobile phone screen, and then chatted smoothly watching the entertainment at the same time, with each wearing one earbud in his ear.   We chatted from 8 to 11 that night till the end of the musical entertainment, and felt not yet satisfied. 

Two people of different mother tongues could also chat easily.
I thought it to be the rich’s exclusive privilege to own personal interpreters.   Thanks to the appearance of Trusonus TE-01 Bluetooth earbuds, I can also enjoy such sense of freedom.  

Super high capacity battery with cloud database, easy translation without burden

The first day’s self-guided tour in Italy was abundant than expected.  It was almost 12 o’clock in the midnight that I returned back to the hotel room to repack the luggage for the next day’s journey.  Owning a 60mA battery capacity, the TE-01 earbuds still emitted bright yellow lights when I was to put them back into the charging box.

Dual hosts to left and right earbuds,   10 meters’ longest receiving distance per each earbud

Waking up too late in the next morning, I hurried out to catch the bus for the famous scenery places.   However, when I stepped out of the hotel, I found that there is only one earbud of TE-01 on one ear.  I searched for the other piece over my backpack and all the pockets, but didn’t find it.   While worrying, I heard the hotel owner hailing.   I looked back and found him standing yelling at me at the front door of the hotel.
Since TE-01 is of dual hosts configuration that allows unilateral 
use with single earbud, or simultaneous connection to two devices, with the operating range extended up to 10 meters, I could get the translation with only one earbud, too.   It turned out to be that the other piece got left in the lobby.   I thanked the hotel owner, and then embarked on the new journey. 
 Thanks to the help of TE-01,  foreign countries or languages no longer disturb me, but make me  full of anticipation of longing for adventures instead.