A pair of earphones and two souls, dedicated to life adventurers who desire to narrow the distance through languages

As a member of the public relations department in the company, I would need to host clients from different countries.  Although English and Japanese are no problem to me, in some informal meetings, sometimes it would help to get closer to the other more faster by chatting in the other’s native language.   I chose to use TE-01 Bluetooth earbuds as my communication tool, for it supports up to 32 languages.  

Tri-band balanced , Exquisite sound quality that withstands the rain wash

There was a light rain on my way to the airport today.   Thanks to the airport pick-up driver reservations I have made for the client, I easily wore on my IPX5 waterproof TE-01 and let it accompany me all the way walking to the MRT station, with a classical music played on.  To me who is accustomed to listening to music,  the characteristics of TE-01 tri-band equalization are quite excellent.
With the ultra-thin composite material diaphragm and the full metal frame structure, the cavity resonance will be greatly reduced, and the soft classical music could be reproduced in its original flavor with every detail well revealed.    Every path I ever walked is the scene of music performance.  

Monitor the environment for you to enjoy unique tranquility in the noise

This time, the client was French.   The moment I just stepped out of the Airport MRT car, I received her phone call saying that she was already in the airport lobby.  Since TE-01 is of ear canal type, which effectively blocks off the outside world, plus the ambient sound monitoring mode, it can automatically reduce noises, and strengthen  human voice, highlighting the clarity of her speech.  So I can communicate with her easily.  

Stimuteous translation of 32 languages, presented in two ways

When meeting with the client,  firstly I greeted her in simple English and then sent her back to the hotel.   In the car, I deliberately asked her with the only one French sentence that I know :
 ” Is it OK to pick you up here at 8:30 tomorrow morning ? ”  At her surprised reaction, I pointed to the TE-01 earbuds and activated the phone translation, indicating her with my eyes that she could reply in French.  All the way in a relaxing atmosphere,  I knew her dietary preferences and recommended several Taiwanese foods that she might be interested in.  

The next day in the hotel lobby, I previewed her today’s itinerary in English.   Noticing that she didn’t seem to understand some parts of the itinerary, I opened Trusonus mobile APP again to translate what I said into French, and presented it in text to help her understand.  I then knew that she understood but just had some doubts.     Thanks to TE-01,  she could speak clearly in her mother tongue, and we can reach a consensus faster.

Since I ever used it yesterday, the system automatically keeps French as the target language to translate, so I didn’t need to click select that again. Through the complete Google cloud database, we could communicate smoothly in Chinese and French, and she was very relaxed and friendly.

One pair of earphones with two souls, multi-functions processors for easy operation

After farewelled the French client, I listened to music on the way back to the company, and occasionally answered some official calls.   In order not to speak too loudly to disturb the others around, I wore only one earbud on  to hear my own voice, with the other piece close to my mouth to lightly talk back in my hand.   TE-01 has a stable signal because the left and right earbuds connect to the Bluetooth independently.   Whenever you use single or both earbuds to answer phone calls or listen to music, there occurs always none sound latency.   Due to the dual hosts solution,  one single earbud could still work unilaterally.   It’s so flexible and convenient.

Noticing the way I used it, various colleagues also bought use it one after another.  
Unconsciously TE-01 has become a standard official equipment to various staff in our office.