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TE-01 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Put the left and right earphones into the charging compartment first, and take them out after the red light of the earphones is on.

2. Press the left and right earphone buttons twice in a row to pair, and the pairing is successful, the red and blue lights of the earphones flash alternately

3. Turn on the Bluetooth switch of the mobile phone to search the headset Bluetooth device

4. Click the headset Bluetooth name “traduki” to connect. After success, the headset will have a voice prompt; Key inspection: to display the Bluetooth power.

1. Open the mobile phone translation software after the Bluetooth connection

2. Select the language type to be translated

3. The left / right voice types of the software correspond to the L / R side of the earphone respectively. Click the earphone button on the L side to make a “drip” sound once to speak  After the conversation, press the key once to translate (the translation of side R is the same)

4. Translation language English => Chinese => Japanese

1. First connect the headset to the Bluetooth device

2. Open the mobile phone music player, press the left/right earphone button once to pause or play the music.

3. Press the key on the right for two consecutive times to switch the music to the next song, and press the key on the left for two consecutive times to switch the music to the previous song.

Play music and put the earphones back into the charging case

1. When the headset is playing music, put the right ear back into the charging compartment and the left ear music will play normally when charging.

2.Similarly, when the left ear is put back into the charging case, the music on the right ear can be played normally.

3.When the headset is connected to Apple Bluetooth, long press the left ear button, and the phone screen displays Siri. (voice assistant)

Put the headphones into the charging compartment, the red light of the left / right headphones lights up, wait for about 10 seconds after the headphones are taken out, and the red and blue lights flash alternately .(no connected Bluetooth state)

1. When the headset is connected to the Bluetooth, long press the right button for 1.5 seconds to turn on & off the ambient sound test.

2. In the state of call or music playing, long press for 1.5 seconds, the sound becomes small to turn on the ambient sound, and long press for 1.5 seconds, the sound becomes large to turn off the ring Ambient sound.

1. Answer or hang up the call by pressing the left/right earphone button once.

2. Reject the incoming call and press the left / right earphone for two consecutive times.

When talking or playing music, test the signal strength of the antenna at a distance of 10 meters. If there is no noise, broken sound or abnormal sound, it indicates that the signal strength of the headset is normal.

When charging, the red light is on

When fully charged, the red light goes out

When the voltage is lower than 3.4V, the red light flashes 3 times every 30 seconds (with an interval of 1 second)

If the voltage is lower than 3.1V, the charging box will shut down automatically

There are 40% & 70% & 100% three light signals on the charging box

When the battery capacity reaches, it will be displayed with a green light.