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Neural machine translation technology automatically evolves the translation accuracy

Left and right ears with dual host design, single ear can be used independently, more flexible, convenient

Three core powers of Traduki TWS Translation Earbuds :

Ultra-low delay algorithm

In order to achieve super latency that is compatible with most devices. We use a “special chip and algorithm” to achieve ultra-low latency audio transmission. We directly focus on the hardware and Bluetooth signal processing speed at the receiver side by integrating a unique low-latency algorithm with the chip architecture to speed up the signal processing speed at the receiver side. Directly optimize AAC & SBC decoding capability to reduce the processing time at the receiver side.

Realistic Sound Effect

Due to the limitation of computing and power consumption, it is very difficult for general Bluetooth headset chip to transplant 3D sound, surround sound and other high power consumption algorithms to the small wireless headset. However, through deep integration with Bluetooth chip manufacturers and optimization of Trusonus professional surround sound algorithm, we spent a lot of R&D resources and finally optimized the core Trusonus realistic sound into a low-power version and successfully integrated it into the Bluetooth chip of Traduki true wireless translation headset, allowing Traduki to simulate sound dynamics into a 3D sound field and create the depth and breadth of surround panoramic sound. This allows Traduki to simulate the sound dynamics into a 3D sound field, creating the depth and breadth of surround sound, enabling listeners to more clearly judge the location and distance of the sound, and experience a true VR-grade 3D sphere surround sound and immersive listening feast.

Using Google's neural machine translation system

The Google Neural Machine Translation system (GNMT) and the Microsoft translation system are used to demonstrate the most distinctive features of the intelligent translation system: it will not take the meaning out of context, but will consider the context and fluency of the entire sentence, so that the meaning of the translation will flow more smoothly and perfectly express the emotional communication between people.

Professional translation earbuds

Independent reception in the left and right ears, good translation of the radio effect, continuous message.

3 in 1 : Translator, Earbuds and Microphone

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Bluetooth Translation Speaker

Connectable to an external speaker, suitable for multi-person meetings.

Intuitive frequently-used-language buttons , Easy to switch

4 in 1 : Translator, Earbuds, Microphone, and Bluetooth Speaker

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Ear-free translator

Dual translation modes : Stick mode and earbuds mode with Simultaneous recording; More delicate sound qualityA portable mini Bluetooth speaker, too.

5 in 1 Functions : Translator, Earbuds, Microphone, Bluetooth Speaker and Voice Recorder

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