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High sound quality, delicate original sound

Delicate levels, mellow interpretation

In-ear earphone/ Over-ear headphone Sincerely recommend

When you want to enjoy music without disturbing the others on the way to work or school, earphone is a very practical equipment.

In-ear earphone

Also known as ear canal earphone, they are extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. Along with the developments of the cutting-edge acoustic technology, some mid-to-high-end models even have a touching sound performance comparable to over-ear earphones or speakers.

Over-ear headphones

Professional headphone providing a sense of presence as in a concert.

Product Guideline

Cherry wood design, the smallest HI-RES earphone

BE-plated diaphragm , low distortion rate; Patented dual-driver technology, Good controls of both high and low sound frequencies

Equipped with a 3-button keying wire and microphone which makes it convenient to switch between music and phone calls with only one hand.

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Complete coverage while satisfied with lightweight and comfort.

HD high sound quality, detachable earphone cable, balanced outputs of the left and right earbuds, creating a sense of surrounding.

The sound range is wide, and the low, mid and high pitches are more perceptive, showing the effect of a large concert hall.

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