No more worry about language barriers between the elders and foreign maids

In order to take care of the inconvenient mother in her 80s, we hired an Indian maid, EVA.  We targeted at a novice maid who has not yet been trained by any employer, and thus need to do the first-hand training ourselves.   Eva doesn’t speak Chinese nor is she good at English.   We happened to be introduced of TE-02 translation speaker, that makes our communication with the Indian maid much more easier.  My Mom could also talk to the Indian maid independently.

From the elders to the families , freely adjust the scope of communication

At our home,  the Indian maid is our important life partner, and TE-02 Bluetooth speaker is the communication tool we rely on the most.   Mom’s hearing is getting more and more worse. When EVA is staying long with Mom in the room , we guide EVA to speak to the attached earbuds.   The amplification function let Mom clearly hear the translated content and know what the Indian maid tells her.

WUsually, the speaker would play some light music to make Mom relaxing.    The Bluetooth translation speaker plays aloud, and thus is suitable for one-to-many communications.   The family could also get ahold of the contents communicated between Mom and the Indian Maid, and when necessary actively join the communications.   Sometimes the elders just need to be coaxed. When the elders know that we are actually caring for them, their emotions would thus become more stable.  

Multiple operation modes make it easier for the elders to receive information

In view of the deterioration of mother’s understanding ability, we will ask the Indian maid to open the Trusonus mobile app, so the translated content could not only be conveyed through voice, but also be displayed on the phone screen.   Since earphones are not easy for the elders to operate,  we usually let EVA wear the earphones by herself and put the speaker next to Mom.   When they want to talk, they only need to listen to the speakers and the translation content will be transmitted to the earphones.    They could easily operate without performing various  procedures.

When friends or relatives call to chat with Mom,  they could talk via this Bluetooth speaker  that is more safer and   convenient to Mom.  Compared with a smart phone that would often confuse you as to which button to press to operate,  TE-02 is really much easier to operate.

No matter wheWhenever & wherever, forever patient accompany

TE-02 is quite lightweight. When EVA took Mom out, she would always carry it along, placing it in her backpack or behind the wheelchair. When they went out, we would pretty often call the Indian maid’s cell phone to talk to Mom directl via the amplification of TE-02, even though it was rather noisy out there. This could make her feel our care for her.